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    I would like to take the time to go deeper into the symbolism of the Emblem of our church and the meaning behind it.  I would be amiss if I did not start from the beginning on how it started.  In February 2004 God got a hold of me and gave me a release to leave my full time job.  But this time was different as he instructed me to leave without knowing the destination.  Let me explain, in the five years I have been married God has seen fit to both raise my income level and responsibilities.  So much in fact I was making about 3 times my initial income coming into the marriage.  Now he said leave so I did, later that month I went to see a young evangelist hat is not your normal evangelist.  But that is why I paid attention, he challenged me to spend more time in God's presence, and to seek God with all of my heart.  He made me realize that if a short crazy heavy set guy from Canada could have God's daily presence, so could this short heavy set Hispanic from San Antonio.

     Before Christmas of 2003 my wife Irene and I had decided to ask for Home Depot gift cards for our presents as we had determined we wanted a new front door.  We gathered over the next couple of months a little more than a hundred dollars towards our goal.   Back to February as I spent more time with God I was rocking in my rocking chair praying and though my eyes were closed I could see the emblem on the wall as if it was already there.  God told me very clearly - "Build it!" I told my wife knowing we had no spare money, and asked her if we could use the gift cards.  She agreed and I went immediately to work, asking my father for help, we accomplished building the cross in two afternoons.  We then needed a sword, but not any sword, so many of them have demons and skulls, and dragons on them.  No we needed a Kingly sword, one that made a statement but that was not so ornate that it took away from the meaning behind it.  I prayed and God lead me to this sword which was won for $12.50 on E-bay.  Another testament to God providing when he calls you to do something.

       This emblem is a reminder of the following:


    Dark Wood with straight lines and no designs or engraving.  Because the cross itself is not glorious, it was an instrument of extreme pain and execution.  It was considered a curse to die in such a manner.  To Him that hung on that cross for you and me.  He redeemed me from the pit, and clothed me with robes of Righteousness, His righteousness.  He calls me heir to the Throne and gives me a new name!  No the cross itself is not glorious, but what He did for you and me is.  It represents the sacrifice of a sinless person that was fully divinity and yet fully man.

Thank you my Lord Jesus for that sacrifice you made!  You could of stopped it all at any moment feeling we were not worth it, but you did not, because you were  convinced that we were worth it!


    Is the Power we obtain through that sacrifice.  Sword is the Word and represents the Lord Jesus himself!  It is what we have in Him, Thru Him and Because of Him!  Of all the armor that is discussed in Ephesians it is the only offensive weapon.  Because it is the only one needed, It is the Sword of the Spirit, the Word of God!  It subdues and Mortifies, the enemy, the flesh. sickness and disease.  It answers all unbelief and faithlessness.  No adversary can stand against it, Jesus himself used his sword when the Tempter came to him in the desert.  Thank you Lord that "No weapon formed against shall prosper".  You have given us everything we need in your Word, in yourself, in your sacrifice.  You place a Sword in our hand and your Word states "our enemies flee from us in seven directions!"


    It is a reminder that no weapon formed against us shall prosper and yet the cross keeps us humble in this invincibility.  Because he made the sacrifice for us first, becoming flesh and then a sacrifice for you and me. So that we may walk this Power.

Our church's slogan is "Empowering the Believer " in doing so we feel we can help you walk in this Power that God has made available to every believer, regardless of title, position or gender.  Come join us and see what God has for you, I believe you will walk out different than the way you walked in.-- 




Empowered through His Word,

      Jesse E Hernandez Jr

  Apostle Living Word Church

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